Essay on What If Someone Your Body Is Now

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What if someone in your life that you cared so much about was dying and you were not aware of the situation until it was too late to save her? Your best friend of eighteen years that you have done everything under the sun with, such as going on camping trips, to awaiting the arrival of your nieces and nephews and taking on the journey of becoming aunts together, and all things good and bad and in between the two. Then one day everything suddenly changes, and that perfect future you both have been planning your whole lives is completely changed. You find out that all those summer days you thought you did not need sunscreen on your body is now telling you otherwise. Little did either of you know that your best friend has had an aggressive skin cancer long enough for it to become terminal. Not only is the cancer just in her skin, but it has also spread to her brain. She only has a 4% survival rate with her medical condition. Vigorous treatments have already begun ever since the day she found out about her illness, and she is enduring more pain and suffering than she has ever had to endure before. In the time she has to spend in the hospital getting chemotherapy and radiation treatments, she tends to read magazines to keep her mind off of the crazy reality. Then one day she comes across an article about euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide, and she continues to read more about it wondering if it is a road worth wandering down. If it would end her suffering and pain, then…

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