Essay about What I Would Succeed?

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Most people would have given up their dreams after one reconstructive surgery, maybe even two, but I am not “most people,” so the thought never crossed my mind, to be quite honest. I knew it was in God’s plan for me to be in the band, collegiate band no matter what obstacles I had to face. The third, and now the fourth knee procedure have affected me mentally and physically, but I will not be led away from my God given purpose. I will succeed because I am destined to. It is not my goal to come off arrogant or as if I deserve this solely because of the many talents I have but to portray confidence and perseverance. I deserve this because of the hard work, sweat, tears, and dedication of life I have given to this hobby. If anything, take from this the amount of heart and faith it takes to reach a goal. You always see the wins, personal records, smiles, and great accomplishments of competition but you seldom see how that band came into glory and what it took for him or her to get there: the sacrifices, the heartaches, the failures.

The first tear of the left knee meniscus happened during band camp. It was Donaldsonville High School starting band camp into the beginning of the season, getting ready for football season and battle of the bands. Before the first performance my dad looked straight into my eyes and said in the most serious tone, “If you get hurt don’t even come home.” Of course that was a joke, to an extent, but the point was that he didn’t want me marching into the…

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