What I Learned With My Reading Friend Essay

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Portfolio Introduction From what I have learned so far in this pair it is apparent that the various skills and concepts discussed will correlate directly to our relationships with our Reading Friends. While working in this setting I recognize how important it will be to remain ethically aware and that the cultural diversity found in this type of setting is one to be cherished.
Skills and Concepts Literacy skills, social work skills and social work concepts are bits of information that when put into practice can enhance a relationship. I think that it will be very important to keep these in mind when working with my Reading Friend.
Literacy Skills The skills that I maintain when it comes to reading and writing will be beneficial when working with my Reading Friend, as will the skills they already have. I will take what I know to build on the skills they have, in order for him or her to grow and become a better reader.
Phonemic Awareness. A skill that I anticipate will help me work effectively with my Reading Friend is phonemic awareness. This skill refers to the sounds in a language that can be written visually, so in English this would be letters and their sounds (Buechler, 2015. Phonemic Awareness.) This knowledge will be important when working on words my Reading Friend cannot yet pronounce. If he or she is not yet completely phonemically aware then I will work with them to recognize the sounds of the letters and have them access their prior knowledge of the letter…

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