Essay on What I Learned About My Family Heritage

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While traveling my entire childhood, I experienced a mixture of cultural settings here and there. I went from being born up in North Dakota to moving around in south Texas. I never stayed in one city longer than a year when I was younger, so I got the chance to pick up a few things about my family heritage in every city I stayed in. While in San Antonio I learned from my mom the customs her mom taught her. While in Austin I got the chance to actually live with my grandparents from my mother’s side and learn first-hand of our heritage and customs. After moving multiple times, I ended up with my grandparents in Crystal City where I learned the heritage that was closer to their home in Mexico. After living in North Dakota for seven years, my family decided it was time to move a little closer to home. We moved from Fargo all the way down to San Antonio, Texas where we were two hours between both sides of the family. While growing up in San Antonio I learned many things, not only in school but at home. Even though we didn’t have any family near where we lived, I was able to learn from my mom about our cultural background. I remember every morning before school my mom would make me oatmeal, not just from the box but with all the special spices, always fresh from scratch. I had asked her one day how she made the oatmeal and she told me “just how your grandma used to make it, with cinnamon, somewhat like atole” (Luna). The food my mother would make for me always went back to when…

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