What I Know About Everything Essay

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When you have five seconds left to think about everything you have ever done in your entire lifetime and ask yourself one more question, what will it be? I lived in a one bedroom apartment, I knew no one, and I did the exact same thing, every single day. I woke up, got dressed, went to the police station, got into my car, and drive around doing whatever I needed to do. In such an immense metropolis, commercial, flashing yellow-taxI filled city like Redison, Nevada, there are always things to do. I used to know everyone in the whole town, when I lived in Ductid County; I would walk into the community grocery store, and unless the odd tourist that came to town, I knew everyone. I’ve been living in Redison for a month now. Besides my boss and a few colleagues, whose names first names I don 't even think I knew, I know no one. Somehow in a few weeks, everything had changed.

It all started three weeks ago; I was sitting in my cop-car on some street name I couldn 't pronounce. I got a message on the radio.

“Scaedrin-officer Scaedrin are you there?”

Me? Why me? Why was I getting called? “Yes, here I am, what do you need,” I replied promptly.

“Report to the pub at 54th and 3rd, there have been sounds of bar-fights occurring there, and we want to make sure all is under control, please confirm.”

Usually people are excited for their first cop call; I was frustrated. I was never a huge fan of the job, but I confirmed, and on my way I went. It felt like a long-lasting car ride,…

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