What I Have Learned Pharmacists Essay

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1. Nature of Work (What you do):
From what I have learned pharmacists do several things. One they fulfill prescription requests that physicians give to their patients. Two, by fulfilling the prescriptions they are distributing drugs/medicine that is not over the counter. Three, certain pharmacists specialize in pharmaceutical research and/or marketing and sales of certain medicines.
2. Working Conditions (Where and how you do the work):
I would be working at a pharmacy. Pharmacy’s typically tend to be very well organized and clean. I would be spending most of the work day on my feet. For the most part my attire would be to protect myself from chemicals I am working with (Gloves, Mask, Goggles, etc.).
3. Educational and Certification Requirements:
To become a pharmacist, you will need to obtain several things. One, you must get a bachelor of science degree from a four-year institution. Two, you must take and pass a Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT). Three, you must obtain a doctor of pharmacy (Pharm.D.) from a pharmacy school. Four, you must obtain a license to practice pharmacy in the United States.
4. Employment and Job Outlook (Are people needed NOW in this field)/ Earnings, Salary Range:
There are people needed in the job now and the industry is constantly growing at a slow rate. The Salary range is from $94,720 to $139,800. The projected job openings for this career from the year 2014 to 2024 is 78,400 jobs.
5. ASU majors that will prepare you for this…

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