What I Have Learned From Principles Of Investing This Summer Semester

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This might be the hardest paper I have ever had to write, since I’m not sure what I have learned from Principles of Investing this summer semester. Being almost 44 years old I have had many years of life experience to draw upon, besides the fact this is the end of my third year of college so I have taken several business course that have touched upon the subject of stocks and investments.
I do remember as a young child watching the evening national news and paying extra attention to the Dow Jones average when it was being announced, wondering if the market would be up or down. I knew that Dow Jones was common stock and that anyone could own a fraction of a company that was open to the public with shares for sale. Owning a share of a company is an equity giving that person an interest in the firm. I remember seeing how much the stocks were going up before Black Monday hit October 19, 1987, and thinking the average was going up too high and the market was going to drop.
My career history includes working as an assistant Manager for Irving oil when I was in my twenties. That was when I started to follow crude oil prices. The station manager showed me how to estimate what the price of gasoline would be using the base price that was reported in the newspaper, adding in federal and state tax, delivery fee, and profit margin onto the price. I also learned the price of propane and that propane dealers were making an immense profit from the sales, being an employee of Irving I was…

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