What I Didn 't Know About The Last Time Essay

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“Are you sure you didn’t forget to pack anything?” Nicole has been nagging me since nine this morning. You would think I’m going off to war or something, I’ve never seen her like this before.

“I didn’t forget anything, just chill. . .” I never really understood her excitement. Both of us knew I would be back here soon anyway; I only packed half of my clothes. My favourite jeans were clinging to my legs, the only piece of jewellry I like was around my neck. I touched the delicate swirl pendant, swallowing my nerves.

Nicole rushes around, checking her phone and watch for the numbers to switch from 10:56 to 11:00. Finally, they took my suggestion for timing; not that it changed anything. I’ve been up since 7.

As I see Nicole’s watch show 10:57 I am reminded of the last time I was in this position, with three short minutes until what I should have known was a disappointment. This time they have to show up; they’re adopting me. Nicole says that the papers have all been signed electronically, but to me that just means that I don’t get any hard proof.

Not that it means anything if it was a hard copy, Nicole would kill me if I tried to do something. Growing tired of swinging my feet back and forth on the lounge chair I was sitting in, I crossed my legs and sat up. This was always the best part; before they get to know how messed up you are; they treat you like a friend, or at least pretend you are.

“I’m gonna head back up to my room—”

“No, absolutely not, sit there and…

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