What I Did Was Swing? Essay

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All I did was swing. Just like they taught me. Elbow up, keep your eyes on the ball. If you extend your arms and let them fly, the ball will do the same. That 's what I did. I never thought this swing would send that ball flying over the fence. Especially at 10 years old. It was weird, swinging the bat and feeling just a slight vibration from the barrel. To look up, seeing a small sphere fade off into the distance. A shooting star. Getting to run around the bases as slow as you want to. Slow motion, the whole experience. I flung my Easton Stealth IMX Bat off to the side as I--Well, I lied. The bat wasn 't really mine. I took it from Jacob Cooper because his had more pop than mine and I knew it would make him mad. That it did. Nevertheless, off to the side his bat went as I waited to see where this ball would land. Later I would round third, waiting to receive the the high fives and helmet taps when I reached home.

Baseball was just always something I did. My first memories were watching my brother Austin play. We 'd travel to different states, watch his team kick butt then head home. It was great, my family 's summer vacation even. I am the youngest of three children. My sister being eight years older than me and my brother seven. Even after my mother and sister 's numerous attempts to raise me as a girl, my dad and Austin always got me into sports. I never minded it, to this day I love sports more than anything. So just like my brother, I always wanted to be a baseball…

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