What Has High School Taught You? Essay

1323 Words Apr 6th, 2016 null Page
What has high school taught you?

So this is what everyone 's been ranting and raving about since I was in 6th grade? Yes high school is a great place where you start to really see how the world functions as a whole and how truly beautiful some of the people in it are, but it 's also one of the hardest times to go through as a maturing young adult. I would like to take you on an adventure to show you how high school has gone for me year by year so that you can see my perspective and how I have changed to become the person I am today.
To begin let us start with the dreaded and extremely unlikable start of my high school career, Freshman year. This was the year that I went from being the loudmouth obnoxious 4’10 pubescent little (mind my language) shit head that everyone belittled for not being that smart, to being a more awkward and less noticeable teenager standing at around 5’2. This year was one of the hardest for me emotionally. In middle school I was happy with being myself even if that meant annoying others around me, if you didn 't like me you didn 't like me and I couldn 't of cared less. But in high school I started to care about how people saw me and wanted to fit in with everyone else as badly as humanly possible and after years of everyone calling me annoying it started to take it 's toll on me. So instead I became that quiet kid in class that not a lot of people talked to and this didn 't really work for me. I needed someone to talk to, someone to connect with,…

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