What Evidence Of Student Learning And Engagement Did You Observe Throughout The Day?

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What evidence of student learning and engagement did you observe throughout the day?
I observed students being engaged throughout the day, as teachers made their classes fun and comforting places be. For example, I noticed a lot of fun activities. The school day started off with an “Assembly Area.” The teachers I was with had their students play a game in which they were to politely wish each other a good morning, rolling a giant dice to determine who their partner would be to promote good social environment. Another game I observed was “Here 's my rhythm, Now check my beat.” I believe this game was meant as an energizer.
The learning environment was pleasant as well. In many classes, students’ desks had bungee cords attached to the bottom. In others, students were given Silly Putty. These tools allowed students to fidget in a way that did not disrupt the class.
Students were given a lot of choices on how they wanted to learn, which helped them to remain engaged. Therefore they were, in many ways, responsible for their own learning. For example, the school has something called “enrichment.” Students can take a variety of different courses that fit their interests (yoga, 3-d printing, graphic design, etc). Enrichment is done at the end of the day so students can leave the school feeling fulfilled and confident in their abilities.
Lastly, classes rarely had a lull in activity, so there was no time for anyone to get bored. When the students were practicing cursive, they were…

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