Academic Engagement

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My field of interest in higher education is the Office of Student Engagement particularly in offices involving advising, student support and academic achievement. Academic advising is an essential tool needed in order to establish a strong foundation for student’s development. Furthermore it helps students reach their educational and career goals. Higher education institutions provide academic advising to their students to help them remain on track for graduation. However, many students have not found the resources provided beneficial to their academic achievements. The office of academic advising encounters many barriers that create challenges for students. Some of the most discouraging barriers are limited amount of academic advisors, …show more content…
Many students often complain when they try to schedule an appointment with their advisor the appointment they never receive an appointment for that same week. Appointment availability is limited due to the advisor large caseload of students resulting to student having to wait one to two weeks to meet with their advisors. Furthermore, the time availability to meet with an advisor is usually Monday thru Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. This causes a conflict for many students that are also working part/full time because it prevents them from getting an advising which can cause negative impacts on their education. These students will have to rely on other forms of communication such as email to receive advising. Advisors are meeting with students throughout the day which gives them limited time to response to emails. The face-to-face aspect of advising is more beneficial to students than email it allows a flowing in-depth conversation. Lastly, due to advisors receiving a large caseload students are limited to amount of time they can spend with an …show more content…
Obtaining this degree at Baruch College would provide me with a strong foundation on how to further implement initiatives that prevent barriers on student academic success. I chose Baruch College School of Public Affairs to provide me with this education because of my long history of being apart of City University of New York (CUNY). CUNY has become a part of my life and provide me with a wonderful education. Attend this graduate program at Baruch College would help me become closer to my career goal, which is to be a Director of Student Support and Academic Achievement, and built an inclusive campus community for

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