What Does Your Dog And Boyfriend Have? Essay

1291 Words Apr 13th, 2016 null Page
What does your dog and boyfriend have in common? Both pets and romance contribute a lot to the happiness of 40% of respondents. Interestingly, in the ‘somewhat contribute’ responses, romance ranked higher than pets, 44% and 33% respectively. So while dogs may be man’s best friend, our furry friends have less of an impact on the level of our happiness. The Pew Research Center has determined that “[pet] owners are no happier than those without pets.” Sorry crazy cat ladies, you might be more likely to be happier finding romance. Although our family can make us crazy sometimes, human interaction with loved ones is vital for a happy life. 85% of local survey respondents agree that family contributes a lot to their happiness. “What Makes Us Happy?”, an article from The Atlantic, agrees that “the only thing that really matters in life [is] your relationships to other people.” As humans, we need support systems to thrive. “Happiness Explained,” a U.S. News & World Report article, confirms that “[strong] marriages, family ties, and friendships predict happiness.” For 74% of local survey respondents, friends contribute a lot to their happiness, with an additional 25% attributing friends to ‘contribute somewhat’ to their happiness. An article from Psychology Today, “Secrets of Happiness,” One of the nation 's most famous psychologists, Dr. Joyce Brothers, shares an insight that of the people that she talks to on their deathbed, “[almost] invariably they say their…

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