Essay on What Does You Do About The Word? `` Bitch ' And ' Nigga '

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Imagine growing up with 19 siblings and being the youngest of your entire crazy family. Of course it’s going to be arguing, sisters stealing clothes, or fighting about who gets to use the bathroom first. It’s also when your older sibling hit you too hard and try to bribe you to get you to shut up or stop crying before you can go tell mom. For instance, when I was five, my siblings and I always argued; whether it was from them stealing my fruit snacks or me going into their room when they weren’t there. Frequently, I would hear them use curse words; however, I had no idea what they meant because I thought of it as just another word. Naturally, I came to find out that you can’t yell “shut up nigga” to your cousin in class because he’s getting on your nerves or even telling your sister “ you’re a bitch” because she called you a tattle tale. Many words today, such as ‘bitch’ and ‘nigga’ are used in a connotative view of its original meaning. People tend to exaggerate things to get their point across. We also tend to place other people and things in categories unconsciously. Have you ever asked yourself, “why is it that bitch is to female, queer is to sexual orientation, and nigga is to race?” Over time, words has been determined by the context it’s used in, due to influence of society and the emotional impact in different generations.

Nigger is one of the most controversial words in the English language of all time. The word used to be very sacred in the…

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