Essay about What Does The Term Mean For A Teacher?

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The English language consists of a mere 26 Letters, consisting of five vowels and 21 consonants. These 26 letters are where it all begins; reading, writing, phonics, phonemes, phonological awareness, blends, diagraphs, rimes, contractions, and so much more, but this assessments focus will be phonics. Phonics, what is it? What does the term mean for a teacher? This question along with some of the main strategies teachers use to instruct students with phonics including embedded, analogy, analytical and synthetic phonics and the effects that they have been found to have on children will be discussed, critiqued and analysed in this assessment. Phonics will also be compared with other reading methods and there will be examples given from many different recourses along with the units’ readings.

Phonics is not just seen as the relationship between the letters and their sounds but it also seen as the method used by teachers to teach the understanding that there are relationships between letter patterns and sound patterns in English, and helping students to develop the ability to relate those letter patterns to sound patterns (Development, 2009; Hill, 2006; Liu, nd; Tompkins, Campbell, & Green, 2012; Trust, 2016). There are many different ways to look at phonics instruction, with many different theories to go along with them, but no matter what type of instruction is chosen there is one thing that educators all agree on and that is that phonics is a fundamental part of learning to…

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