What Does Serial Say About Our Justice System? Essay

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What does Serial say about our Justice system?
Serial shows that our justice system does not always work and is often times considered broken.

Locke, Phil. "Why I Think the US Justice System Is Broken - and Why It 's Not Getting Fixed."
Wrongful Convictions Blog. Ed. Nancy Petro. N.p., 20 Feb. 2013. Web. 16 Nov. 2015.

Summary: In this Article, Mr. Locke argues that there are fourteen reasons that the justice system is broken. While his first points are rather lengthy they get much shorter towards the end of the article. His first point is that bad lawyers are the first reason that our justice system is broken. He argues that many convicts don’t have the time to research lawyers, and the ones that are provided to them by the court are not competent. His second reason is that the prosecutors are not after justice, they are after convictions. Which does not always lead to justice. He also argues that the DA is an elected political position, so a town may be mostly one side, but if there is someone is more qualified from the other party, the won 't get elected because they are from the “wrong” political party. In the rest of the article, he continues to say that there are often false confessions among witnesses to get their sentence reduced. He also says that cops can manufacture and destroy evidence to sway the case one way or another. His final point is that there is nothing being done to fix any of the number of problems the justice system has.

Analysis: The…

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