Imperfection Of Criminal Justice

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In the United States of America, its citizens would like to believe that the rule of law applies to everyone equally; however, current events create questions in regard to this theory. Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton’s lies have far out-shadowed those of her contenders; however, her lies are so often contextualized, excused, and forgotten because of who she is and the purpose her lying supposedly serves. The FBI and the Justice Department have given her a pass on crimes that would land anyone else in prison; in fact, Lt. General Ralph Peters said that, “If I would have done half of what we know Hillary Clinton has done, I’d be on my way to Leavenworth … she is a criminal” (RS, 2015). Apparently, the rule of law does not apply to those who are politically connected to the present administration.
General David Petraeus was sentenced and fined for providing classified information with a woman with whom he was having an affair. Bryan H. Nishimura, was sentenced to two years’ probation and a fine last year for holding classified materials on personal devices,
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When boundaries and accountability are eliminated, many humans will choose the course of less resistance due to their inherent sinful nature (Romans 5:12). The wheels of justice do appear to move slowly and often sentences imposed do not fit the crime; with the rights of victims marginalized while criminals receive more civil liberties. Our government is far from perfect with distrust among Americans at its highest level; however, despite this, America’s Criminal Justice system is one of the most extensive in the world. Forgiveness is powerful and forgiveness (a pass) can be applied, but this does not mean that the criminal act is to be abrogated, justice should be legally

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