Essay on What Does Poe Really Hated?

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But what Poe really hated, was the smell of fear in Finn’s scent. Especially when he was the cause. And Poe, most certainly, had never meant to be the cause of such a negative emotion in Finn. Had he not been receptive of the omega’s pheromones, he would have never known the omega was afraid.

Then again, it wasn’t so much that Poe was the cause of Finn’s fear, but more, the fact that Poe was an alpha added with the hidden truth that something horrid happened in Finn’s past. That didn’t make Poe feel the slightest bit better. He stood there, their bodies pressed together, Finn 's back against the wall, the omega 's arms wrapped around him, pleading brown eyes meeting his, fear and nervousness radiating from him as if it were a tangible thing. And this hadn 't even been initiated by Poe.

“Baby, baby, calm down. What are you trying to say?” Poe said interrupting Finn 's awkward rambling about what some of Finn’s friends, had said about their relationship. Which was actually none of their damn business, thank you very much. The fear abated for a moment, Finn 's eyes shining with the use of the endearment, an affection Finn had never received before Poe, before the omega remembered the situation at hand, and the fear returned. Poe 's heart sank.

“I want you to be happy.” Finn said. But that didn’t really clarify anything.

“And I am.” Poe said. He was going to continue but Finn spoke before he could.

“But I want you to stay happy. Jess and Brance said that…” Finn trailed off,…

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