What Does Meng Tzu Mean? Essay

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4) What does Meng tzu mean by “a heart sensitive to the suffering of others?” Why does he claim that this defines our humanity, and why does it need to be developed if we are to be ethical or truly humane? What are the other three “seeds” which make up the
“sensitive heart,” and how do they become developed? Why is the development of each a necessary part of humaneness? Meng Tzu stated, “A heart sensitive to the suffering of others” which means that a person that has nothing but compassion and love for others. Meng Tzu believes love and compassion defines our humanity. If an individual develops their heart, they are considered to be moral or humane, whereas an unethical person who has not developed their heart, will most likely act solely on their desires. Meng-Tzu believes there are four seeds that make up a heart that is sensitive to the suffering of others; compassion and love, which develops into our “humanity.” There is shame, which develops into commitment to ethicality. There is courtesy or deference which develops into “observance of the rites” or propriety in regards to the rules and mores of society. Lastly, the sense of right and wrong, which develops into wisdom or discernment. The development of each of these “seeds” are an essential part of our humanness because it balances our ethical behavior and morality.

5) Describe what is meant by the claim that “if God does not exist, then nothing is prohibited.” Use the terms “ethical realism” and “divine command…

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