Essay on What Does It Happen?

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The term “poverty-stricken” tends to be synonymous with neighborhoods in urban areas that have median income that is substandard compared to the majority of the city. However, for those living in South Eastern Kentucky, poverty holds a definition that stretches far abroad the city limits. There is a large population in this rural setting who live below the poverty line. My point is not to invalidate those living in more urbanized areas, but bring awareness to the communities in South Eastern Kentucky who struggle with making ends meets This is an issue that I have seen with my own eyes: ever since a young age, I have watched my family and almost everyone around me struggle with finances ever since I was very young. But if we use the same hard work strategies and drive that Kentucky has been known for – a change can be implemented.
To begin, a couple of questions that evoke when regarding this topic is “How did it happen?" or “Why does it primarily effect one area of Kentucky?” Although there’s not one sole cause to the recent increase in poverty levels, it has been largely effected due to different circumstances. The U.S. coal mining industry, in decline for decades as environmental regulations have steered consumers toward newer, cheaper and cleaner energy technologies. One place that’s been particularly affected by this decline is South Eastern Kentucky. Kentucky, also given the name “coal country”; has a prosperous past courtesy of the coal mining industry. It became…

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