What Does It Affect Our Society? Essay

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It has been said that most adults require 7-8.5 hours of sleep each day. (Aloha & Polo-Kantola, 2007) Aloha and Polo-Kantola also claim that in today’s society, “prolonged wakefulness is a widespread phenomenon.” There are enormous implications as to the impact that SD can have in today’s society. From military strategists, medical professionals, and the people who commute daily to and from work in their vehicles, all of whom can drastically and negatively affect the quality of their lives as well as the lives of others while suffering from the negative impacts of SD. In fact, in 2011, November 6-12 was named Drowsy Driving Prevention Week by the National Sleep Foundation. Cowher-Williams, J. (2011). Williams also stated that a high percentage of American drivers felt that it was not a good idea to drive when tired and yet, approximately one-third of Americans admitted to driving while exhausted within the last 30 days of the questionnaire. With that being said, the necessity arises to examine sleep deprivation, or SD more thoroughly. In this document, I will discuss the study conducted by Aloha and Polo-Kantola aptly titled Sleep Deprivation: Impact on cognitive performance. Aloha, P. & Polo-Kantola, P. (2007).
According to Aloha, P. & Polo-Kantola, P. (2007), sleep requirements vary significantly from individual to individual. Furthermore, there are two processes which are said to regulate sleep: the homeostatic process S, and the circadian process C. The former is…

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