Essay on What Does Fareed Zakaria Become A Country?

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America was created with a foundation of freedom, hope, and for many a fresh start from their once home Great Britain. From the very beginning in 1776 we had to make sacrifices to be where we are today in the now twentieth first century (2015) with being such a prosperous country we have made enemies and allies. To stay a world SuperPower you have to continually progress, something that is to be questioned is whether we have been continually growing as a country. America is 239 years old. During her time we have grown together, withstood many attacks and grown. We also have diversified and become very different from the country our founding fathers created. Although the American minority, and many more believe we still are the same country, I believe we have changed and not for the better. I believe that this decline that is in question is a real problem that we are choosing to overlook and believe is only something that is trying to make the American country something it is not. Fareed Zakaria is a very successful writer who wrote “The Post American World”. In this were listed evidence towards a decline and issues happening within the country and outside of our borders. Within were stated the opinion of those inside of America. Andy Grove said “They’re all in denial, patting themselves on the back as the Titanic heads straight for the iceberg full speed ahead”. The view stated in this quote is that those living in America are denying the fact that this…

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