What Do You Think About It? Essay

814 Words Jan 20th, 2016 4 Pages
Example Consider a participant that is 80 years old and has experienced a Victrola to listen to 78’s, record player for their 45’s and LP’s, am radio, transistor radio with am/fm, HiFi stereos, 8 tracks, cassettes, Walkman’s, CD players, CD/Walkman’s, and satellite radio all to play music. Now imagine handing this same participant a smartphone and asking how they feel about getting their music on their smartphone via an app, what do you think their positivity reaction would be? I imagine that this would be frustrating to this participant and this would fall under a negative reaction. While this participants 21-year-old counterpart, that only has memories of CD’s, MP3’s and most likely utilizes their smartphone for far more than music on an hourly basis, would look at this same question with a positive reaction. Whereas, if you gave both of the participants an 8 track tape, the younger of the two would be perplexed and see this and an inconvenient way to listen to music, while the older participant would likely display an involuntary grin, perhaps begin humming a tune, positively reacting to this stimulus. Using this as an example, I believe that existing studies results are skewed, unable to fairly predict an individual’s positivity as a result of aging. Experience is a vital factor in assessing an individual’s thought process, whereas, all of experiences shape our opinions, thoughts, ideations, and feelings in a perpetual process of personal evolution.

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