What Do People Mean By Living Wage? Essay

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• If you were born on an even day of the month, please research this question for your initial post: What do people mean by “living wage”? How prevalent is this phenomenon in the USA? Please provide data & statistics to help your readers understand the nature & scope of the issue.
According to the Livingwageaction.org, “A living wage is a decent wage. It affords the earner and her or his family the most basic costs of living without need for government support or poverty programs. With a living wage an individual can take pride in her work and enjoy the decency of a life beyond poverty, beyond an endless cycle of working and sleeping, beyond the ditch of poverty wages.” The article goes on to suggest that living wage is a wage sufficient to cover 7 factors (housing, food, childcare, transportation, healthcare, taxes and other basic needs.) Living wage is greatly affected by location.
One of the most interesting findings was the calculator produced by MIT and specifically Dr. Amy Glasmeier: http://livingwage.mit.edu/
The living wage for Laramie, Albany County Wy for 2 adults and 2 children is $13.69, yet the poverty wage is $5 and the minimum wage is $7.25. It lists out the estimated expenses, taxes, etc. with typical salaries for that geographic area. Try it to see where your wage falls for your area!!
When looking at the entire map of the US, there isn’t a single area that isn’t orange and red signifying that the minimum wage providing enough means for individuals and…

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