What Do I Enjoy Doing? What Subjects Do You? Essay example

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Journal 4: What do I enjoy doing? What subjects do I like?
For as long as I can remember I have loved all things creative. Growing up my house was always filled with art and music. My dad used to take me on field trips to show me all of the artwork he had done including murals of Mickey Mouse and the Disney princesses in Children’s Hospital. His influence lead me to several won art shows and poster contests. Coinciding with my love for art and drawing is my obsession with music. Between my two younger siblings and parents we can play upwards of 20 instruments. Needless to say my house has never been quiet. My love for all things musical is a close second to my love for people and has been an integral piece in my thinking process. The act of reading music, multi-tasking between playing and marching, and organizing the wants and needs of over 100 students as Band President for four years taught me both patience and efficiency.
I also have a passion for nature and travel. I have been blessed enough to travel to Mexico, Jamaica, the Bahamas, and smaller islands within the Caribbean. Here I have explored and found a hidden waterfalls, coral reefs and an abandoned hotel. On the home front I grew up exploring caves, woods, and rivers. Because of all of this my imagination has always been wild. Some might say that business may not be the field for me due to my “big ideas” and creativity. I tend to think otherwise. I feel as though business is thought of too squarely, crunching…

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