What Did Freedom Mean For Slaves? Essay

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1). What did freedom mean for ex-slaves? How did their priorities differ from those of African Americans who had been free before the Civil War? Freedom for ex-slaves meant all sorts of beautiful things like not getting abused by the plantation owners, being able to get an education, being with their families forever with no threat of being separated, being able to live on their own without having any ties to someone or someplace else and so much more. Most were elated by this newfound freedom, some were frightened. Some could not imagine a world where they were allowed to be free and having so much independance felt overwhelming. These ex-slaves would stay with their past masters. Those who were freed after the civil war had differing priorities from those who had been free before the civil war because those that had been free for a longer period had already started looking for their families, trying to get some land of their own and getting used to living on their own as a free man or woman. The feeling of freedom and change was not new to them, they had been experiencing it for some time already.

2). What did the former slaves and the former slaveholders want after emancipation? Were these desires realistic? How did former slaves and former slaveholders disagree after the end of slavery? Former slaves’ greatest desire was land of their own. Former slaves felt that the key to prosperity was a patch of land that was all their own that they could work and build a new…

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