What Changes Occur Within The Sensory, Vital Functions, And Nervous System As We Age?

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What changes occur in the sensory, vital functions, reproductive system, and nervous system as we age?

There are many changes that occur inside our body as we age. With vision, there are two major changes that occur. The first one is a decrease in the amount of light that passes through the eyes which produce vision problems in older adults. Another change that occurs in vision is the ability to adapt to different light declines. When older adults go from a dark room to a lighter one, it takes a while for their eyes to adjust. In some cases, their vision may blur. A significant change that in sensory functioning older adults experience is the ability to see objects closely. The lens in the eye does not function as well. This results in poor color discrimination and needing more time to see things clearly. Diseases of the eye may occur for example Glaucoma and Cataracts. The amount of light in the lens can decrease and the fluid in the eye may not drain properly which can cause a complete loss of vision.

It is common for older adults to have hearing loss. Adults experience Presbycusis, which reduces the sensitivity of high-pitched tones. “Research indicates that by the late 70s, roughly half of older adults have presbycusis” (Cavanaugh and Blanchard-Fields, 2015, p.71). Once adults hit the age of 40, they 're hearing declines significantly. Evidence is shown in adults with moderate to severe hearing loss who have a decline in cognitive functioning and quality of life.…

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