What Causes The Cause For Bone Infection? Essay

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Large bone defects and infections still represent a major challenge to orthopedic surgeons. Bone infection is a very serious condition resulting in patient suffering, financial burden, and sometimes fatalities. The main cause for bone infection is usually trauma, diabetes and biomaterial-related implant associated infections. Infection is a significant cause for implant failure, impaired functionality, and reduced lifetime of medical devices, resulting in high distress for the patients and large socioeconomic costs [4-7]. It would be of a great advantage to use tissue engineered bone grafts that could control infection, while promoting bone regeneration avoiding multiple surgeries and delaying reconstruction. While local use of antibiotics is currently the most common treatment for bone graft infections, the extensive use of antibiotics worldwide during the last decades has led to antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

AMR is a complex global problem and the EU Action Plan is one of many initiatives being implemented worldwide to address the problem. However, despite all the activities at local, regional, EU and global levels, the problem is getting worse and so it has become even more urgent than before to ensure that actions continue to directly target the problems at the appropriate level [8.9]. AMR is the resistance of micro-organisms to antimicrobial drugs so that these originally effective standard treatments become ineffective and infections persist which…

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