What Causes Global Warming Is A Natural Cause Or A Human Cause?

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After giving and discussing the lesson with the class. I will show the students a video giving different reasons of what causes global climate change. In order to assure active learning of lower level students, I will assign the students an activity where they sit in groups of four. The four students in each group have to create two collages, one for natural causes and one for human causes, and give five statements on each collage of why global warming is a natural cause or a human cause. Two students will be assigned to create the collage for each of the causes and the other two students will be in charge of writing the five statements for each cause. Each student is assigned a responsibility to the group work, making every student in the group essential. This activity helps the students who did not understand the lesson, because if the student does not know or understand anything they can ask their peers questions about the activity, where it integrates cooperative learning among the group members. It is also a good activity because it provides audio, visual and manipulatives of what is being discussed, helping the student visualize the information that is being given in class. To ensure all students are engaged in active learning, including higher level learning students, I will group the students in groups of three and assign them to conduct research on the human and natural causes of climate change. The students will be provided with information about the causes on the…

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