Worksheet On Climate Change

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Climate Change Script For this presentation my group and I will be covering the topic of how the issue of climate change can be resolved.
In the state of Florida climate change has increased the rate of sea level rising; which threatens coastal ecosystems and infrastructures, coastal water supply and wastewater treatment, increases the risk of flooding, and much more. Although the effects of climate change primarily affect the southern region of Florida; the effects stretch out to the entire state leading our group to wonder how foreign areas are also affected by climate change.

I will be covering the social aspect of resolving the issue of climate change. In order to understand what can be done about climate change from the perspective
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Those that acknowledge the fact that climate change is indeed happening and that human activities are the top contributor in a sense can be considered environmentalists. Environmentalists support the views of the environmental movement which is a political, ecological, and social movement known for addressing environmental issues including climate change. however; not all people share the same viewpoint. In fact many groups still either resist the existence of climate change or the claim that it is not caused by humans. According to Robert Brulle, a sociologist at Drexel University, since the late 80’s the climate change countermovement “has had a real political and ecological impact on the failure of the world to act”. This means that the movement itself has had a huge impact on society as it managed to slow down political action itself. Brulle even states himself that the movement was extremely well organized as it had many groups of scholars, scientists and organizations working together to keep to the movement going. The oil industry in particular supported the countermovement as these companies rely solely on the use of fossil fuels to make profit. With the countermovement they were able to misinform people about climate change in order to protect their income. For example, according to, “The American Enterprise Institute (AEI) …show more content…
For example I stated earlier that in Florida climate change increased the rate of sea level rising which threatened much of Florida’s ocean and coastal resources. I also stated that climate change in general creates changes in temperature, rainfall patterns, and seasons. And also increases the risk of potential droughts, hurricanes, flooding, and heat waves. One may ask: What can be done to prevent climate change from the perspective of society? The answer is simple, however, the steps to achieve it are much more complicated. In order to prevent the effects of climate change we must reduce the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. According to, we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions just by switching to public transportation, carpooling, or walking, recycling, and using water

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