What Can You Do You Know About Your Confidence Has Gone Up? Essay

1571 Words Jan 3rd, 2016 7 Pages
Jenny, you are everything I’ve ever wanted to be. You’re not perfect but I swear that you’re the closest thing to flawless that I’ve ever seen. You have an amazing body and you are so stunningly beautiful, and I’ve never found the words to describe how happy it makes me that your confidence has gone up. You are the most loveable, inspiring, funny, uplifting, friendly, honest and sassy girl I’ve ever been blessed enough to know. There are some complications in our relationship since sometimes we think way too much alike, since we know each other and our habits all too well. I’ve never felt closer to anyone and you’re the first person I’ve ever loved entirely. Even though it’s platonic, my love for you is so strong and it affects me everyday. Whenever something happens whether good or bad, you’re the first person I want to tell. I can either dress up or be casual with you and you make me feel like I’m just as beautiful, good enough and spectacular no matter how I am around you. You make me feel drunk when I’m sober, in a good way. I don’t mean tumbling over and tripping on my own words, I mean the warm feeling in my stomach and being able to feel free, let go and have fun. You help get me out of my head and get out into the world. Sometimes I say things I don’t mean or things don’t come out quite right and for that I’m sorry. I’ve always wanted to be like you, and sometimes the frustration that caused me led to me taking my feelings out on you which was never fair.


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