What Beast Should I Become? Essay examples

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What Beast Should I Become?
There comes a point in life in where we have to make the most astronomical decision of our young lives. What college will we choose to attend? This question is entirely more complex than some of our young minds can fathom. Here is the biggest opportunity of our lives. Our opportunity to travel to new places, meet new people, and an opportunity for our social lives to explode. With all this excitement that lies ahead what are we waiting for? Indecisiveness, we do not know where we want to attend. There are a few ways that we can start choosing a college for ourselves. The first option is choosing a college that a friend elected to attend. Why do we do this? It’s understandable that we do not want to be alone, or step outside of our comfort zone; but this is not the best option for us upon first glance. Yes our friend is going there, but did we research this institution for ourselves? How do we know this is the best option for us? We do not even have the first clue of how this institution even match up to us because we were too busy playing follow the leader. We have just taken a gamble with this option and rolled the dice while hoping and praying that we land on the number seven, good luck with that. The second option is doing some research on what institution to attend, but how is that research being conducted? There are a lot of ways to find what college is the best fit for each individual but that is being overlooked by majority of young college…

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