What Are Volcanoes Do Volcanoes? Essay examples

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Most people know the basic facts concerning volcanoes. They know that when volcanoes erupt, hot lava flows out scalding the land and everything in sight. Why do volcanoes do that? What causes them to be destructive, yet beautiful? Not every region has a volcano. Just like not every region has a tectonically sensitive fault line.
The Pacific Rim, also known as the Ring of Fire, is the habitat of 90% of the world’s volcanoes, earthquakes, and tsunamis. Four hundred and fifty two volcanoes are existent between the southernmost tips of South America to the West coast of North America crossing to Japan onto New Zealand and finish its ring of fury in Antarctica with a mix of active and inactive volcanoes. One of the most active faults in America and the ring of fire is the San Andreas Fault (Turgeon).
Chile is unfortunately apart of the Ring of Fire. Calbuco volcano, located in Southern Chile, is one of the more active volcanoes in the area. On April 22, 2015 Calbuco erupted, thankfully they managed to evacuate the people in the area to a safe place, as there were no casualties reported. The volcano at Calbuco erupted two separate times after April 22. The second occurred on April 24, and the second occurred on April 30th, after the next two waves of eruption there were still no casualties reported. However, there was a susceptible amount of damaged in the area due to the lava and tectonic plates that had shifted (Martinez).

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