What Are The Six Dimensions Of Health Essay

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The ideologies that have been asserted with health have changed over the centuries that mankind has dwelled on the globe. Centuries ago, the world was plagued with infections that were widespread, and thousands of people died by the second. Societies from all around the world have been overwhelmed with the boundless number of fatalities that had occurred from a combination of factors, like the diseases that were present and the environment. The approach of living of the past times had different requirements in order to sustain a state of well-being and to avoid implications of a differently formatted environment than the one we live in today. Consequently, the definition of health for individuals of the past was simply to sustain a state of …show more content…
Each dimension has its own significance, and plays a certain role in an individual’s lifespan. All of these dimensions help me in finding my weaknesses, as I also know what I need to expand on. All of the dimensions of health apply to me and represent a diverse fragment of my personality. It is a great tool to use, mainly for discovering the parts of yourself that you must improve and parts of yourself that you did not even recognize. I give all the credit of my development of body, mind, soul, to Islam, as it was what has made me always try to improve upon myself. It was what got me through my serious issue of bullying and my personal disasters that occurred in my life. My religion has helped me realize and understand how I should always strive to improve each and every dimension of health in my personal life. I feel that my current status of all dimensions of health are decent as long as I never stop improving. By improving upon my weaknesses, as well as understanding my weakness in each and every dimension, the final product is immediately realized and rewarded. That final product is simply knowing that from this day, I will one day achieve the optimal and most wanted state; that is a state of wellness. I strongly believe that if I at no time give up, I will, at some point, achieve the state of well-being that I have always desired all my

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