What Are The Problems Faced By Woodrow Wilson's Problems

Woodrow Wilson faces problems of the United States

Wilson thought that the government was having privacy problems, that there was too

much government involved in big businesses, that the tariff was too high and was causing

Americans to lose money, and that the United States was stuck in a cycle when it came to

government. To fix these problems he wanted to bring the government back to the people of the

United States, he wanted to bring back competition to solve government involvement and the

tariffs, and he wanted people to stand up for themselves and vote for who they actually want in

the elections. Wilson had many other problems and solutions in his book but theses were some of

the main ones that stuck out to me. During Woodrow Wilson’s
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Wilson believed that America had been going through a routine with government. People

were becoming lazy with elections and such because Americans feel like they really have no

voice in politics. “Americans don’t get to really elect their own officials to represent, they are

merely just choosing between two men who have already been picked for them” (96). People

should be able to have the power to select judges for the judiciary court as that branch controls

every aspect of the government. Right now a small group of individuals have so much power,

and if someone’s ideas don’t match with that small group of people then they just have to forget

their thoughts, since they are not nearly as important. Americans are too scared to do anything

about the government because they think it is too powerful, but they should have no fear because

the governments power builds off fear. Wilson believed, “You only need about 24 men to bring

down the government” (103). Wilson felt like the government was made up of imposters trying

to run the
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Wilson stated, “To stop playing the mimic play, to get out and translate the ideals of

American politics into actions; so people can start being excited when they go to poll booths”

(106). Wilson really cared about how much people cared about politics and he wanted them to be

excited for politics not simply vote because it is their moral duty.

Wilson had many ideas and plans that went into making his campaign speeches. He

wanted to make the government more of a public interest instead of having everything behind

closed doors, to fix that he planned to bring the government to the people and let them have a say

in things. He wanted less government involved in businesses, so he decided to bring back

competition and have an antitrust to separate the big businesses into smaller less powerful ones.

Wilson thought that the tariff was too high and that it was corrupting Americans of their pay and

their working conditions so he wanted to lower the tariff and bring competition back to fix low

wages and working conditions. Wilson also felt like America was stuck in a cycle when it came

to government. He wanted people to vote for who they wanted not for a political party. To

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