Marginalization Of Culture Essay

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The vision and direction of public education should be to create responsible productive critical thinkers while incorporating self-worth of their individuality and culture, while including meaningful use of technology. We should prepare all students for college, but also stress that one does not need a college degree to be successful. At the end of 12th grade all students should have the ability to apply to a four year college but other options should not be marginalized. Cultures of all students should be integrated into the curriculum. Traditions, family values, community issues, and current events should all be relevant in education. We should not be mass producing students who have learned how to conform through school but rather nurture and cultivate their different skill sets and having them explore different possibilities.
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Students ideas, traditions, culture, and self-worth take a back seat to the dominate culture we push in our schools today. In order for students to succeed in our current schools, they must partake in a curriculum that marginalizes their culture. Our school system is mass producing conforming students with its one size fits all curriculum. We need to broaden our approach and diversify our curriculum to include various other perspectives other than the dominant perspective.
The third issue would be closing the achievement gap. This issue would be the easiest to connect with Guinier and Torres. The achievement gap has fluctuated throughout the years but remains high amongst whites and other ethnic minorities. Guinier and Torres recognize that there is a power structure in which white affluent families use the political influence to retain their position this structure. To close the achievement gap we must take interest at the local level. Create leaders within the community which in turn will inspire

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