What Are The Characteristics Of Group Essay

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Description of Group
When an examination was done at a Christian denominational church in a Sunday school class, there were many particular findings. In this group members meet every Sunday morning for an hour and a half and are presented with a structured lesson. This gathering consists of roughly fifteen participants but attendance occasionally varies. This is largely due to the fact that anyone is welcome to join or leave the discussion at any time. The group contains a mixture of dissimilar characters who bring and share separate viewpoints. There are six members within this group that are considered the core of class. These six individuals attend most regularly and partake in the teachings most often. These major members include: Casey, Christine, Whitney, Garret, Jacob, and myself. Casey, thirty, leads and provides the material within this group, and the remaining that are listed are the vital attendees. Christine is twenty-eight, and the wife of Casey, Whitney and Garret are both twenty-one and newly married, Jacob is twenty-three and the head pastor’s son, and I, myself is nineteen.
Chapter 1
Psychoeducational Group Groups provide an array of different positive qualities. Among the types of groups offered are task groups, psychoeducational groups,
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Two of the most frequently used tools include the practice of technical and theoretical integration. An integrative approach can be described as an act of bringing together small components into a single system that function as one. The technical integration focuses more on the use of techniques drawn from many approaches (Corey 100). Theoretical integration emphasizes the importance of using limited theories. The belief behind this approach is that deeper possibilities are offered by restricting one’s practice to a single theory (Corey 100). The use and combination of both approaches is considered to be the most efficient in

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