What Are Some Solutions To Homelessness

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Homelessness: Solutions to helping others Homelessness, what’s it like to find yourself with nowhere to live? Why do people get to the point that they have no one or anything to turn to, so they abandon their homes and turn to the streets? Homeless people are becoming a big problem throughout the world. The definition for a homeless person is a person who cannot afford to live in a home and abandons it to live on the streets. There are many reasons why people become homeless. They lose their jobs, therefor they can’t afford rent or a house payment no longer. Bills become too overwhelming so they just let it all go. Natural disasters can also cause people to become homeless. Not having insurance on a home that gets hit by an earthquake, tornado, or floods can cause a person to change to homeless status real quick. …show more content…
Being too stressed out and not being able to handle issues that use to be easy to handle can cause a person to abandon anything that causes that stress again. Depression has a way of making a person feel like they are useless and helpless. It can lead to wanting to not be responsible for anything anymore. These are only some of the reasons a person can become homeless. I would like to take the opportunity to present some solutions to the homeless problem that may help thousands and get people back out on their own to being

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