What Are Some Of The Definitions Of Terrorism? Essay

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What are some of the definitions of terrorism? Why are they different? Prove your own definition of terrorism?

Terrorism comes in all shapes and forms. According to who one speaks determines on how the term is viewed. If I was given a chance to define terrorism, I would describe it as premeditated murder against a large crowd of people with intent to inflict terror among the citizens and the government. Even if the terrorist attack didn’t cause a great deal of damage, I believe the crime was still planned and created a great deal of distress among everyone who heard about it. In the eyes of the law enforcement officers, however, terrorism mean something else. That being said, out of those who were surveyed with regard to defining terrorism, the first that was mentioned was a victim (Spindlove and Simonsen, 2010). IN other words, when it comes to terror, there has to be at least one person who is in danger. As act of terrorism requires terror and in order for terror to exist, it shall consist of at least one person. The second part of the definition go into more detail with regard to the kind of act and to whom it’s intended, for terrorist attacks requires a violent attack against a specific person (Spindlove and Simonsen, 2010). After analyzing both characteristics of the first definition, I found that the definition doesn’t include the law enforcement or the government officials. That being said, the definition only uses those affected as an individual and…

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