The Importance Of The War On Terrorism

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Terrorism is relevant because many culturally diverse groups have been formed that have an effect on many countries and the people living in them. Not only has terrorism killed and harmed thousands around the world over the years but has also affected the natives living in the very areas they live in. For example, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Afghanistan are just a few bases for terrorist groups located in the Middle East. Groups like ISIS and Al-Qaeda have caused harm around the world, but America has put their say in this war against terrorism. Terrorism is relevant because these different groups affect the connections of countries including the ones they are centered in; terrorism also involves violence in many forms, and takes a toll on the daily lives of civilians in many ways leading to the war on terrorism. Groups like ISIS have caused havoc around the world and have left their impact in history. ISIS is a successor …show more content…
President Reagan put in actions and policies in place for the terrorist groups in the Middle East. The Ronald Reagan administration created multiple Middle Eastern policies, and these policies were grounded largely in the anti-Soviet dynamic of the Cold War, at least until 1987 (Bass, Jeffrey D). Confounded by the complexities of the region, the Reagan White House pursued a number of dubious strategies that culminated in its greatest scandal; the 1987 Iran-Contra Affair. The affair involved the illegal and covert sale of weapons to Iran, the funds from which were used to support rightist Nicaraguan freedom fighters (Contras). Also members of the Reagan administration believed that they could use the Soviet threat as a basis for cooperation between Israel and moderate Arab states. A violent affair between Israel and the Lebanese caused Regan to implement a cease fire and used 800 U.S. Marines and facilitated an evacuation of PLO fighters in August 1982 (Bass, Jeffrey

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