What Are Some Common Themes That Seem Be Run Through The 10 Principles?

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What are some common themes that seem to run through the 10 principles? Some common themes that seem to run through the 10 principles are the relationships of the three-R interactions between caregivers and children. First R is respectful: respect children as individuals by building a relationship by talking to them, and letting know what is going on. Second R is responsive: respond to children 's feeding and communication cues, learn their cries, coos, smiles, facial and body gestures. Third R is reciprocal: reciprocal interactions is the whole chain of back and forth actions of respectfulness and responsiveness are how a child and caregiver learn to interpret their means of communication, of how to express what their wants, and needs through the experienced back and forth reactions between them (Gonzalez-Mena, J. & Eyer, D.W., 2015). In each principle the focus is to create a trusting relationship that keeps the infant or toddler involved in the interactions between the caregiver, and the environment to increase the child’s awareness and cooperation, but also to promote attachment. With each caregiving routines, the infant or toddler is approached with respect of recognizing them as worthy people that involves them in an educational experience with a caregiver being able to invest quality time individual for each child. The reciprocal interactions between caregivers and children interpret their communication where caregivers learn each child’s unique ways, and the…

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