What Are Gender Roles? How Are They Defined? Essay

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We R who we R
What are gender roles? How are they defined? Wikipedia say they are a set “of social norms dictating what types of behaviors are generally acceptable, appropriate or desirable for a person based on their actual or perceived sex.” So put simply gender roles tell us how to behave, what to wear and even what we are to do. This topic is definitely talked about a lot these days. What really shapes our gender. It’s not an easy topic to figure out. However, I believe that Child rearing and cultural factors play a large role in how individuals act and see themselves.
I feel that it’s important to note that “sex” and “gender” are really two completely different things. Sex referring to the biological status of an individual. We see this in the physical makeup of a person. Internal reproductive organs to external genitalia. While gender is subjective. Made up of attitudes, feelings and behaviors that our society considered normal for a specific gender.
In the essay “Learning to be Gendered” by Penelope Eckert and Sally McConnell-Ginet, the authors really made a strong case that we are set in our ways from the moment our parents are told what sex we are. One of the very first questions someone asks if your pregnant is, “is ia boy or a girl.” The authors right off state that we are made not born. We are referred to as he or she. The nursery is painted blue or pink, and our toys are assigned. Trucks for boys and dolls for girls. Furthermore, the essay makes a point…

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