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Communication and Collaboration Strategy

Chirstina Johnson


Patrick Sullivan

University of Phoenix

January 17, 2011

Communication and Collaboration Strategy

There are eight learning styles I have evaluated this week, I will speak upon three of them; Verbal-Linguistic, Interpersonal, and Intrapersonal. Verbal-Linguistic helps to analyze our own use of verbal communication, learning, teaching, recalling terms easily, and explaining, using wit, and compelling someone to do something. Interpersonal helps to see things from others standpoints, communicating verbally, and nonverbally and cooperating within a group. Intrapersonal learning technique helps one to recognize self in relation to others, evaluate each way
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The giver is a person whom is honest, helps other, and find ways to express thoughts and feelings clearly. The behavior type that I can relay to is the organizer, which is a person who is neat, efficient, loyal, responsible, and reliable. When looking at the personality of my team members, the team is true givers from the heart with helping others. I take pride in my ability to support, assist, and console others. The communication and collaboration of these personalities and strategies that comes to mind with being an organizer is to arrange assignments of up-most importance, prioritize time wisely, and interpret and value the curriculum. The giver strategy would be to communicate and give all information and feedback that is constructive and positive. The thinker strategy would be to let each team member know what are the ideas and the thoughts of that team member. In closing, all team members should be able to discuss the information and come to an agreement before the finishing point of the assignment to be submitted to the instructor. Working in a team can be challenging when team members will not cooperate or contribute in a suitable manner. By being part of Learning Team “C”, I have come to realize communicating with others that has various personalities and learning styles, one can learn a great deal about each other.


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