What Are Concussions In Football

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Concussions in Football: A Deadly Number

“What a big hit on the football field on this frigid Friday night. It looks like he is down for the count.” I often hear something similar to this when watching a hard hit in a high school, college, or even an NFL football game. Devastating blows to the head is only one major consequence being out on the field. Even though the player might not notice anything wrong right away, there are many serious signs and symptoms that come along with concussions. They are a serious problem in football today because concussions can lead to dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, and has even caused deaths from repeated hits to the head. Not having the ability to recall your name, where you are, and when you’re birthday
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The physical toll that the football players go through is impossible to comprehend unless you’ve played the sport sometime in your life. However, until recently any connection between the hits taken by the football players and their health in the later years was vastly ignored. Serious hits taken by players cause the brain to bump into the interior of the skull resulting in damaging bruises. In recent years, reports and studies have been done which focuses on just how much damage is actually being done to the players. The studies showed that retired NFL players that received concussions suffered lasting damage to the brain. This being said it creates a substantial amount of health issues like dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and even …show more content…
NFL has even faced lawsuits from numerous former players because of head trauma incidence. According to the National Football League, "We are dedicated to making football safer and continue to take steps to protect players, including rule changes, advanced sideline technology and expanded medical resources." (Hanna). Real changes need to be done unlike just trying to focus on sideline technology or having more medical resources. Changes like more complete testing procedures for helmets and to developed and implemented them into the game. Causes of concussions need to be better understood for the most effective way to prevent them in the

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