Essay on What Are Bad Things Happen?

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I believe that bad things happen to good people. Better yet, I believe that terrible things happen to the most innocent of people. Nothing bad ever happened to Hitler; the millions of innocent jews he killed did not deserve their gruesome deaths. Orphans as young as children do not deserve a life without a parent to guide them through it. A lot of times I ask myself, Why? Why do things like this happen to good people, why don 't I ever see bad people suffering? A lot of times I turn to God and ask him this rhetorical question which I know will have no answer to. It 's hard not to blame someone when such tragedy occurs. Unfortunately, I admit that I do blame God sometimes for tragedies and, unfortunately, I have many stories to base my belief on, but here is just one of them that affects me most.
A while ago when I was just 2 months old my brother Ilan, an angel gifted from God to my family passed away. A gift to short to be returned. A terrible tragedy can 't even describe this horrific event. When my mother gave birth to me it was the happiest day in her and my two brothers lives. My brother Ilan who was beyond obsessed with me the moment I was born said, "Look, mom, I have a sister, I can 't believe it." Every time I replay that sentence in my head I go through a long few minutes of pain and agony. Words can’t describe what I would do to have him here with me again. Ilan was the kindest, funniest, warm-hearted person that anyone would have loved if they met him. He teared…

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