What A Traumatic Event Is The Most Common And Potentially Most Traumatic Experiences?

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Introduction Throughout a person 's life, there are many events, situations and experiences that will form a person 's personality and emotional wellbeing as well as influence their actions. Some of these events and experiences will affect the individual in many ways, either in positively or negatively. Some will provide great life opportunities, while others will unfortunately affect the individual in a negative way which can lead to emotional and behavior issues/problems. One of the most common and potentially most traumatic experiences is that of being raised within or being a witness to chronic family violence, such as domestic violence also known as intimate partner violence (IPV). This type of trauma is categorized at Type II, also referred to as complex trauma. This type of trauma can overwhelm a person 's ability to effectively cope with emotionally painful experiences. Even though there has been some arguments about the definition of what a traumatic event is, there is a large consensus that when an individual 's internal and external resources are insufficient to cope with external threat, the experience is that of trauma (Levendosky, Huth-Books, Semel & Shapiro, 2002; Black, Woodworth, Tremblay & Carpenter, 2012). When trauma is severe, chronic or unresolved PTSD is developed (Cozolino, 2010).
Type II Trauma: Intimate Partner Violence (IPV)
What is intimate partner violence (IPV) IPV is currently defined as emotional, physical or sexual abuse between…

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