Domestic Violence Invades Close Familial Relationships

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It has always been difficult for me to understand how domestic violence could invade close familial relationships. In my upbringing, although there was some level of dysfunction, I was always surrounded by an abundance of love and respect. I believe that domestic violence is rooted in some level of dysfunction from someone’s past, an unstable present, and apprehension for the future. These were my observations in Angela’s story. The abuser had serious dysfunction in his history. He suffered the effects of unstable parental relationships: abandonment by one parent and alcoholism by another. His daily behavior was erratic and unpredictable. He may have also been intimidated that his partner was more educated and capable of earning higher wages. Combined, these characteristics made him more likely to abuse. According to What is Domestic Violence (2010), domestic violence is “an intentional (consciously or subconsciously) and methodical pattern of abusive tactics …show more content…
In my reading of this week’s resources, patriarchy is describes the domination of women by men. It is apparent that the abuser used fear and physical violence to exert control and gain power in his relationship not only over his partner, but his children. I also observed that the abuser wanted his partner to perform more traditional roles such as working less at her job to care for the home and children. Another aspect of domestic violence that was frustrating to me was why women have such a difficult time leaving abusive relationships. Even harder is wondering why that, as mothers with young children, women continued to expose their children to violence. Why didn’t Angela just get up and leave? I did not take into account all the other factors that affect women such as fear of imminent danger, financial issues, and the ability of an abuser’s changing personality to manipulate them. It can be

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