Essay on What A Neanderthal !

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“What A Neanderthal!” This essay explores the widespread misconception regarding Homo Neanderthalensis, an extinct ‘cousin’ of the early modern human ancestors. The commonly held idea is that they were a drastically unintelligent species. The lesser known reality is that the Neanderthal was just as intelligent as the early modern humans that existed around the same time. The fallacies involved are bias consideration of evidence, overgeneralization, and common belief. Oftentimes, the name Neanderthal is used synonymously with hurtful terms such as “stupid,” “dumb,” and “ignorant,” all carrying negative connotations. Television programs such as Looney Tunes (Crusher), Iceman (Iceman), Night at the Museum (Laaa), and even GEICO commercials (Geico) proceed this unfortunate stereotype. This began when modern day humans first discovered the remains of the Neanderthal, known as Neanderthal 1, in Germany (hence the name) in 1886. Several different failures of the Anthropologists active around the discovery of Neanderthal 1 contributed to the cruel stereotype. However, Homo Neanderthalensis was an exceptionally intelligent species. Contrary to popular belief, Will Dunham of the Huffington Post claims that the Neanderthal was intelligent enough to create “complex hunting methods… spoken language… and sophisticated use of fire.” The Mousterian tools used by the Neanderthal were powerful enough to enable them to hunt animals as large as Mammoths, but also precise enough to carve…

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