Wgu Human Resources Code of Ethics Essay

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To: Bon Jovi, CEO
From: Xavier Smith, Division Manager
Date: April 23, 2012
Re: Production Concerns

I am thrilled to join Company X’s management team. My colleagues have been stellar in providing me support and helping me accilmate to the organizational culture, which is different from what I am accustomed to.

I have encountered my first challenge, a challenge that is incumbent that I bring to your attention along with three detailed solutions, inclusive of attractive and detractive aspects of each. It is also important that I share with you the methodology I employed to arrive at these conclusions, since it is reasonable for you to have access to and test the methodology employed to engender these solutions. I will
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Bob Jones Solution A

Strengths: Legal and ethical approach to doing business. Promotes high levels of customer service. Holds all parties accountable for their actions due to process review and refinement.

Weaknesses: Delayed production. Poor customer-satisfaction surveys in the short term. Costly to hold up production.

Opportunities: Favorable contract renegotiation if determined process failure with supplier. Possible acquisition of new customers if mitigative steps made known.

Threats: Possible government intervention if lead levels are exposed. Possible customer revolt if mitigative steps to lead levels not perceived correctly. Customer churn—possibly to competitor—due to production delay. Board of directors overhaul of C-level management

Based on these considerations, Solution A is a viable candidate for resolution.

Bob Jones Solution B

Strengths: No delay in production. Customer satisfaction not harmed. Foreign government receptive to bribes. No disruption to revenue.

Weaknesses: Domestic government not receptive to bribing. Massive costs due to bribing. No consideration for customer health. Short-term solution. Socially irresponsible course of action.

Opportunities: Short-term customer growth. Relationship-building with foreign government.

Threats: Considerable legal actions from both domestic and foreign government if not receptive bribes. Possible legal threats from customers.

The costs

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