Supporting Ethical Behavior In The Workplace

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Ethical behavior isn’t always black or white and there can be many of grey areas. This paper is going to discuss how employees in the workplace can best encourage ethical behavior, the conditions that allow ethical conditions and creativity to emerge, and how “good work” can develop in the workplace. To begin let’s define what ethics even is. According to Pasztor it’s easier to define what ethics is not. Ethics is not feelings, following the law, religion, science, or following culturally accepted norms. Different organizations have different codes of ethics and when you break it down, ethics is really about creating win/win situations (31-32). By creating a win/win situation, it helps businesses and consumers alike. Once the foundation has …show more content…
To support employee’s well-being, it’s important for the manager to help the employee to feel self-worth and reduce stress and fatigue. Set up goals, show compassion to employee’s personal problems, and pay attention to employee’s needs (187). When treating employees fairly keep in mind to create equal opportunities, discipline bad behavior, and reward good behavior (189). When demonstrating loyalty, the manager needs to display a willingness to sacrifice one’s well-being for the well-being of the group, and speaking in great regards to the group to outsiders (190). While sustaining physical and spiritual purity, a manager should hold purity, temperance, and cleanliness in high regards. The manager should stay away from “dirty work” and tainted behavior (191). To maintain order and direction, a manager must have values that include obedience, deference, and respect. The manager should also establish performance goals, protect employees against threats, and provide guidance for completing tasks (192). And while cultivating employee autonomy, managers must express empowerment and independence. It’s also important to give employees time to finish their assignments, to give them say in creating their work schedule, and to allow them to grow as individuals (192). These are great ways to create an environment where ethical behavior

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